Carlo Loiudice

Public Speaking & Life Coach

In 2011, I moved to Berlin to face my fears and fulfill my dreams.

The real journey began when I discovered transformational coaching.

I have benefitted from transformational coaching in my own life. Today, I have the pleasure of guiding others on their journey to improve.

From theater to public speaking

I started working as an actor 25 years ago. I am familiar with the feelings that emerge when you stand in front of an audience. When I’m on the stage, I experience the fear, the adrenaline rush, and satisfaction when I receive applause.

I decided to combine these three universes together: acting, life coaching, and public speaking to make them available to my clients.

I work with individuals and groups both in person and online. You can find me on various socials and listen to my podcast, Parola di Life Coach (in Italian). I am a certified coach c/o ICF-accredited Animas Centre for Coaching – London.

accredited transformative coach
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